Issue 401

Issue 401

Still Hazy After All These Years

Rob-Portrait351Growing up in my dad’s woodworking shop, one of the things that I did not appreciate nearly enough was the full-size spray booth that we had on-site. My first job in the shop was as the “sanding boy,” taking over a job that none of the cabinetmakers had any interest in. My second job was as a finisher (another job that was not high in the woodworking hierarchy). I actually liked the job (except for the time I sprayed only one side of about 50 Masonite doors and then left for the day — looking at 50 warped doors the next morning was a bit of a downer), and took pride in making our stuff look good.

These days, I don’t have a spray booth or the attendant professional setup that went with it. I don’t have need of one often, but when I do, I really miss it. I manage by using various non-spray finishes, but the longing remains. Which brings me to my question: how many of you have a spray booth (permanent or portable), and how often do you use it? This woodworker wants to know.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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