Issue 483

Issue 483

The Wind in the Woodshop

Sunday morning we had what I like to call a “woodturner’s call to action.” At about 8:30 a.m., we had straight-line winds of about 60 mph (followed by torrential rain and a bunch of hail). As summer storms often are, this one was over in a short while. And shortly after that, what I think of as the “woodturner’s siren call” began.

Chainsaws of all sizes were fired up and, to a person who turns wood, that sound means only one thing. FREE WOOD.

It was a bit sad to see them … running desperately from one two-cycle trumpet call to another. Afraid they were missing out on a great piece of birch down the block, but so curious if that walnut tree up on Eagle Street might have “sadly” lost a big limb or two … then remembering that maple tree on Heron that was already about half dead — there was no way it could have remained standing!

The world is like that. One man’s insurance claim is another man’s bowl turning bonanza. For instance, when it comes to my neighbor’s black ash tree, I was able to “help” him with that cleanup effort, help him a lot!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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