Issue 496

Issue 496

Workbenches and Woodworkers

One of the “future projects” that I have on my list is a substantial workbench in a classic style — with an end vise and a side vise, dog holes and a super-thick top. And I want it to weigh about a thousand pounds.

For the most part, I do power tool-based woodworking, and for that my current kind of wimpy workbench is sufficient. But when I do break out my hand tools, which is happening more and more, my workbench is more of an obstacle to my work instead of being helpful.

So I wonder about you all, the eZine faithful. What kind of workbenches do you have? Is it like mine, more of a worktable than a true workbench? Or have you gone all-in for a classic workbench? Of course, I will share the results of my question as they come in.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

P.S. For those of you who might be hoping to interest other folks in your life in woodworking, Rockler has a great opportunity. If you live near one of their retail locations, those stores are offering Make & Take classes in October. Here is a link to the webpage that explains more.

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