Issue 503

Issue 503

Shout-out to my Team!

Last Thursday, the Woodworker’s Journal was presented with several awards at the annual Minnesota Magazine and Publishing Association Excellence Awards event. And while it made me feel proud to be recognized by my peers as doing a good job, in truth it is the entire staff that works on the Journal who deserve the accolades.

To say that publishing is a collaborative activity is to understate the fact by a good bit. So here are the heroes of the hour: Joanna Werch Takes, Alyssa Tauer, Chris Marshall, Jeff Jacobson, Joe Fahey, Cassidy Smith, Dan Cary, Matt Hocking, Mary Tzimokas, Laura White, Kelly Rosaaen, David Beckler and, of course, our founder, Ann Rockler Jackson.

There are also regular contributors that deserve credit … but that is for another day.
So, thank you, team! You did very well and deserve the recognition … now get back to work!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal.


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