Issue 527

Issue 527

Hardware Galore!

Today, the 2018 National Hardware Show begins in Las Vegas, Nevada … and yours truly will be there with bells on. Not actual bells, unless I find some real cool ones on the show floor.

If you can’t be there with me, look to our Facebook page and Twitter account for some quick pictures of cool new things. I am hoping that the 100-degree weather is a dry heat. (Like my oven.) Otherwise, this northern boy is going to turn into a puddle. But maybe the heat will help me lose the 10 (20?) extra pounds I found this last winter.

Only time, and my waistline, will tell.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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  • GuidePRO Band Saw Guide

    Cam-activated jig with a flexible, silicone “feather” delivers consistent pressure against workpieces during resawing, and it frees up both hands for feeding workpieces into the cut.