Issue 721

Issue 721

The Circle of Cool Wood

Eight years ago, I was moving from my previous house with a large woodworking shop to a much smaller place. Nearly a decade of outfitting my shop and collecting cool wood was coming to an end in that location, and I was in trouble — I did not have nearly enough room at my new house for all of my stuff. So I called and emailed a bunch of woodworking buddies and told them to come by my shop and grab whatever wood they were interested in. That worked like a charm, and as painful as it was to send persimmon boards away, I was able to move into my new house in good order.

Fast forward to last weekend. One of my woodworking buddies is moving to a new house, and he was looking for someone to take his lumber so he would not need to move it — and there I was! The funny thing is that almost all of the lumber I got from him was from my old shop — including those persimmon boards! Life is indeed curious.

Rob showing off his persimmon lumber

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Installing European Hinges

Cabinet door with European hinge

These rugged, easy-to-use hinges are ideal for most shop-built cabinet projects.

Jar Lid Preserves Finish and Brush

Mason jar holding finishing brush

Keep your finish fresh, your brush ready to go and your fingers clean with this simple but helpful tip.

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How to install European hinges

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