Issue 779

Issue 779

Slab City!

Rob Johnstone staff photo

There have been a few big changes regarding use of lumber in my lifetime, especially as it pertains to furniture making. And one of the biggest (both figuratively and literally) is the use of slab lumber. I confess that I was instantly on the bandwagon when folks started bringing thick slabs with or without natural edges into their building routine. It struck me as innovative and aesthetically pleasing.

As with the way of the world, I am guessing that one day this trend will look old-fashioned and dated — like my plaid pants and platform shoes from high school. But until that time comes, this is a wave I am riding right to the shore.

Rob Johnstone stands on a pallet of slab wood
Rob “riding the wave” of the current slab lumber trend at the Taylorsville, Utah, Rockler store.

My question for you is this: What do you think of slab lumber in furniture? If you have built a project using it, send us a picture.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Building Simple Step Stool

Layout drawing for stool parts
Practice making square cuts with a handsaw, boring mortises and joining parts to create this practical step stool.

Refreshing a Cutting Edge

Clipping dull knife tip with pliers
Save your dull knife blades (and a bit of money) during repetitive cutting tasks with this simple reader’s tip.

Premium Project: Accented Cutting Board

Accented round cutting board
A multi-colored lamination adds a custom touch to this practical, fun-to-make kitchen accessory.

Premium Project: Mid-century Modern Nightstand

1950s inspired retro bedside table
Go back to the ’50s to find the inspiration for this sleekly-styled piece with curved corners and tapered legs.

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Using Rockler finishing sprayer

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