Issue 787

Issue 787

The Verdicts Are In!

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Last week, Rob asked for your input about what has to be the most iconic outdoor chair ever conceived — the much-loved or much-loathed Adirondack. Many of you have offered your candid rationales for why you are on one side of this “backyard fence” or the other, and you can read the debating opinions in today’s Feedback section.

Sensibly, comfort for many of you wins the day over how fun or easy these chairs are to build. It all goes back to form versus function, and so it should! For others who have just the right physical proportions to get up and out of these chairs without needing a hoist, the laid-back Adirondack is still worthy of a spot on the deck, dock or beach. So be it!

We at Woodworker’s Journal really do appreciate your input. It’s both amusing and enlightening. And as always, it reflects the fact that woodworkers are a thoughtful bunch. Our time, finances and efforts to build things from wood are on one side of a scale that must be balanced by projects that make as much sense as they make us proud. That seems like solid reasoning to us, too.

Chris Marshall, Woodworker’s Journal

Routing Edge V-Groove Joinery

Chris Marshall takes a look at Edge V-Groove Bits and how they’re used in plywood edges to install a solid wood trim. He discusses the cut, how to set the procedure up on a router table and demonstrates the joint in this video.

Screw Adds Micro-adjustability to Stop Block

Adjustment screw for band saw stop block
Make quick adjustments to your shop-made stop block with a quick screw installation and this simple tip.

Premium Project: Pinstriped Knife Block

Knife block with alternating wood stripes
Wedges of cherry separated by thin wenge laminations will showcase your cutlery display on a countertop.

Premium Project: Foldable Laptop Desk

Writing desk with top storage
Readers, writers, artists and anyone who works from a sitting position will find both comfort and function in this folding piece of furniture.

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