Outdoor Woodworking

As the summer goes forward here on the tundra, the idea of going into my workshop (such as it is) has less appeal. We only get so many wonderful summer days here in the North and spending them inside is not something I prefer. However, one great way to enjoy a lovely summer day is to make some sawdust outside.

Nearly any type of woodworking is fun to do outside, but woodturning and power carving seem especially suited to open air enjoyment. Cleanup simply requires a leaf blower and finishing fumes are of no consequence.

I am guessing that I am not the only one who enjoys woodworking in the wild. What sort of outdoor woodworking is your favorite?

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

PROJECT: Folding Shop Desk

Fold down laptop desk for a woodworking shop

One problem with small shops is that there’s never enough floor space. The same often goes for counter space. This fold-down desk project provides a simple, sturdy solution.

Cabinet Door Sanding Shield

Protecting cabinet door during sanding with plastic laminate

Protect your frame-and-panel cabinet doors from damage during sanding with this handy woodworking tip.

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How to Align a Table Saw Fence

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