World Wood Day Events This Week in California

World Wood Day Events This Week in California

March 21 marks not only a date that symbolizes the start of spring, but also – and perhaps more importantly to woodworkers – the date of World Wood Day.

This year, if you happen to find yourself in California during the dates of March 21 to 26, 2017, come on down to the Long Beach Convention Center, where you’ll find various cultural experiences aimed at highlight all the wonderful aspects of wood.

The theme for this year’s fifth annual celebration of World Wood Day (the first commemoration was in Tanzania in 2013) is “roots,” and all of the projects will address the concept in one way or another.

I am participating in the Collaborative Project that brings together 20 international artists to create a sculpture to be the centerpiece in the Long Beach Convention Center during World Wood Day events.  We have a total of 14 days to create this sculpture!  The concept and design based on the theme of Roots are developed amongst the group upon arrival in Long Beach.  This is a very exciting way to work because each participant brings his/ her personal techniques, ideas, and aesthetic.

At the World Wood Day celebration, there will be an array of events ranging from discussion to demonstrations to displays — and even a concert.  This is a cross-cultural event, with previous celebrations taking place in Tanzania, China, Turkey and Nepal. The common language among everyone is the adoration of a malleable, sustainable material that can be used in a plethora of ways. Wood is embodied in a wide range of ways in our lives because it is such a diverse, renewable material that we rely on in all of its forms.

As fellow woodworker and enthusiast Nick Offerman said, “If you think that you would enjoy the craft, music, beauty, knowledge, and delicious fun of all things wood, then I strongly suggest you get yourself to the 2017 World Wood Day at the Long Beach Convention Center.”

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