Rob Johnstone

  • So Much Wood, So Little Time

    Last eZine I explained my passion for the plain-Jane hardwood, birch, and asked if you-all had a species preference. The answer was, YUP!

  • Melt Polyurethane Glue for the Small Shop

    How would you like an adhesive that bonds wood as strongly as your traditional “yellow” woodworking glues, reduces clamping to a minimum, is ready to machine in as few as ten minutes and is applied with a cool-looking glue gun?

  • What’s Your Favorite Wood?

    In order to have a favorite of something, you must have an extended and intimate experience with whatever the object of your affection is.

  • Uplifting News on the Router Front

    When I heard through the grapevine that Milwaukee had created a new hand-held router and that it was a slick little unit, I was not only curious, but surprised.

  • Be Active…Do Good

    World events continue to dominate the news and our lives. To a news junkie like myself (I know all the names of NPR reporters by heart), it is only an adjustment of degree as I keep an ear to the radio and my fingers on my keyboard.

  • Diablo: Freud’s Newest Saw Blades

    Freud has introduced a new line of saw blades that I’m sure will be moving into woodshops soon. The star of the new Diablo line is the 7 1/4″ 24-tooth framing blade, created with an ultra thin aspect (1.5mm).

  • Woodworking: Part of the Cure?

    How important is woodworking really, when world events move in such momentous and life changing ways? Questioning the essential elements of our lives is a reasonable thing to do in the face of these difficult times.

  • Porter-Cable’s New Cordless (and Hose-less) Brad Nailer

    The sturdy brad nailer (the BN200V12), was tough enough to do the job of installing molding, nailing cleats, attaching trim – all the tasks that a standard brad nailer would do.

  • Autumn Arrives with Sadness

    It is a truism that every new friendship brings the certainty of joy and sorrow. Our community of woodworking lost two good souls this last week, and we will be less because of it.

  • How Much Web in Your Woodworking?

    I’ve got a question…How much of your woodworking information do you get from the Internet? Personally, I tend to surf the web for one main reason… I’m an instant gratification kinda guy.