Rob Johnstone

  • Calling All (Electronic) Woodworkers

    I don’t often promote the Woodworker’s Journal print magazine here in the eZine, but our November/December issue is really a magazine that any serious woodworker should own.

  • Something in the Air

    Rob waxes on about snowflakes in Minnesota (in October, no less) and attending woodworking shows.

  • This Old Zine

    Rob is looking to spruce the Zine up a bit (twenty weeks on the web … that’s a few years in e-time, right?), so I want to know what you think might do it.

  • The International Woodworking Fair, Atlanta, Georgia, 2000

    Last issue, we gave you a day-by-day description of the goings-on at the National Hardware Show in Chicago. This issue we flew Woodworker’s Journal editor, Rob Johnstone, down to Atlanta to the International Woodworking Fair.

  • The Season is Upon Us

    As I write this editorial, I am on the plane to Chicago, to attend the National Hardware Show. For me, and many of my colleagues, this marks (along with the International Woodworking Fair in a couple of weeks) the official beginning of a new season of woodworking.

  • National Hardware Show: The Newest Tools Out There

    We sent the editor of the Woodworker’s Journal, Rob Johnstone, to the National Hardware Show in Chicago with a digital camera, a list of things to do and the most comfortable shoes we could buy him. Here’s what he found.

  • How Bad is Your Worst Project: A Contest

    Among the beautiful and practical pieces of furniture and cabinets I’ve created in more than 20 years of woodworking, I have also made some pretty silly — one (or one’s spouse) might even say stupid — woodworking projects.

  • Woodworkers Doing Good Work

    When you ask woodworkers what they like to build, like I did last issue… boy, oh, boy! The response has been not only huge, but helpful as well.

  • The Beat Goes On

    We’ve barely got our new electronic woodworking pub off the ground (just five issues) and things are really starting to pop.

  • You’re Really out There!

    In my last letter to you, I mentioned my desire for more significant communication, in the spirit of woodshop camaraderie. Your response was just great.