High School Woodshop: Some Stunning Results

High School Woodshop: Some Stunning Results

From time to time, Springfield High School instructor George Trout sends Woodworker’s Journal updates on the work his 14- to 18-year-old students (like John Gable, above) have been doing in the Industrial Materials program at the Pennsylvania, school. After purchasing their own lumber, in the rough, from Delaware County Supply Company, the students put problem-solving, critical thinking and creative expression skills together into their choice of project, which must be completed within one school year.

See more at ssdcougars.org/webpages/gtrout.

built by Kayla Howard
Kayla Howard
Phil Thompson
built by Phil Thompson
Ashley Kaminski
Ashley Kaminski
Colin McGuckin
Colin McGuckin
Kayla Raines
Kayla Raines
Christy Kobasa
Christy Kobasa


Brooke Shea
Brooke Shea


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  • Matt Matteson

    Amazing work. In 1951 at Bloomington HS in MN in my shop class I made a full sized desk but nothing like the items here and mine was one of the best and I got an A+. Great instruction required.

  • Robert McCarthy

    Awesome! It’s good to know that at least one school is offering this type of program. I have to add, however, that it’s not the first. My dad was an industrial arts teacher in Brooklyn from around 1910 to 1945. Some boys in his 8th grade class who had demonstrated the skills in 7th grade produced similar kinds of projects over the course of the year — secretary desks, high boy dressers, grandfather clocks, and so on. Unlike Springfield, however, the boys worked from established patterns. The kids in Springfield PA seem to creating not only good furniture, but real works of art! Kudos to George Trout for providing the inspiration and knowledge to them!

  • Wow…there are really quite a few creative and talented young woodworkers around. It just shows that woodworking is not a dying art form as many seem to believe…Good…!

  • Davy Crockett

    Those are fantastic! Great job guys and gals!

  • Neal Schwartz

    Fantastic, make sure you follow the link and look at all their works, it’s just fantastic. When I was in high school wood shop back in the late 1950’s we mostly made things like speaker boxes, nothing like anything here. What’s disgusting is there are those that want to close school shops. These kids already have a skill that they can use to earn their way through college as long as they recognize it. keep up the fantastic work, this teacher should get a promotion for promoting art and skill.

  • Joseph Russo

    wow nice work guys really nice work.

  • TLM80209


  • Robert Mayfield

    Now THAT is one heck of a high school shop program. Must be an excellent teacher with excellent students. Congratulations.

  • Bob James

    Excellent Craftsmanship

  • gumpa_38

    Please tell me that they didn’t give them as gifts to family. With that much thought and labor they kept these items for them self and made other items to give away. These are items I would never part with. I don’t turn out that good of projects and I have more time than they do..

  • Grantman

    Those are high school kids????? Awesome. I’d love to see what they’re doing in 15 years.

  • Helen Mc

    How talented are these kids EXCELLENT JOB and congrats to George Trout

  • Lee Oberg

    Great job George! I remember seeing a couple of those items on the gym floor at your “Celebration of the Arts”. So encouraging to see the spectacular results you continuously get from your students. We’re still at it here in NJ, although my wood shop is the only remaining part of what used to be an entire IA department. My sincere congratulations to your students and best wishes for your continued success.

  • ChrisB

    That’s really some creative work. Every one of them! Don’t stop or let the world tell you that you can’t do that, because you’ve just shown them that you can.