Issue 96

Issue 96

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Q & A

  • Spray Finish

    I understand that you can use mineral turpentine to wipe down timber with oil-based stains, but is it OK to use mentholated spirits on waterbased stain?

  • Stain Before Gluing

    The carcasses will be constructed of birch plywood, and receive a mahogany stain and polyurethane finish. Can I stain the carcass components prior to glue-up and assembly?

  • How Do I Make a Tapering Jig?

    This reader wants to know how to make a tapering jig. Our experts, Michael Dresdner and Rob Johnstone weigh in on their methods.

  • Wavy Veneer Problems

    After several months the surface has become wavy although I can’t feel any bubbles under the veneer. What went wrong?

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