Pivot-Hinge End Table

Here’s a couple of pictures of a corner table I made -
Cherry, tiger maple, birch burl.
Les Thede, Ada, OH

These photos of a unique pivot-hinge end table come from Les Thede of Ada, OH

Here’s a couple of pictures of a corner table I made: Cherry, tiger maple, birch burl.

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Matt Becker
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7 thoughts on “Pivot-Hinge End Table

  1. I could use a table like that in my small home! We have limited space and, well can it be done with hand tools?

  2. Absolutely beautiful job Les. Love the pivoting drawer. Great choice of woods. Cherry and Tiger Maple?

  3. I like the table, do you have a set of plans, or did you find them somewhere. I have been scouring the interent for a set of plans. Can you help me?
    Thanks, Joe
    Really nice table.

  4. Do you happen to have plans to go with this project? i would like to attempt to build something like this, but with different wood.

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