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Hello again old friends. Now that I’m back in the Weekly saddle, how did you like our “guest hosts” and their woodworking projects? Over the last month we received 40 examples of your woodworking projects to help us celebrate National Woodworking Month. We will be sharing them in the next five issues of the Weekly. There were so many that we didn’t want individual efforts to be lost in a big pile of projects. So at the end of the last group, we will randomly select three names for prizes. I know that at the beginning of April when this contest began, I indicated there would be only one prize, but you really came through, so we are upping the effort on our end as well.

I truly enjoyed seeing all the stuff you are making these days and reading the attached comments and descriptions. Woodworking is alive and well, and that is wonderful to know.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Benchtop Tool Cart Overview

Chris Marshall takes a quick look at the features of his Benchtop Tool Cart. It’s a perfect companion for a jobsite table saw, adding storage, stability and space for a small router table that doubles as an outfeed table. You can find the plans to build this cart in the May/June 2021 issue of Woodworker’s Journal.

Keeping Router Collets Clean

Cleaning a router collet with gun brush

Keeping your router bits and collets clean is an important bit of shop maintenance. This reader found that a tool for another hobby is a perfect helper for the task.

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Achieving a smooth surface when working with open grained wood species can be quite a challenge, and simply piling on extra finish isn’t the answer. See how the GluBoost pore filler system fits the bill to even things out for your best possible finish.

Spraying on Glu Boost pore filler

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