February, Short or Long?

Rob Johnstone photoUp here on the tundra, winter is just starting to really settle in. I don’t mind winter…at least at the beginning. I still get really excited when the snow starts falling every year. And now that I have grandchildren it is even more fun. So, November, December, January…all good.

Then comes the longest month of the year: February. The excitement of the first snow is long gone. The holidays and my two winter-girl birthdays — my daughter and wife on successive days — are also past. So now it’s just time to buckle down and get through the next couple of months. The good news this year is that I have heat in my shop. I’ve got a few projects that have been bouncing around in my brain for a bit, and it’s time to give them a go. But still, I need to make it through this very long and cold February.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Rockler Navigates the Pandemic

Rob demonstrating Festool tools at a Rockler store

During the challenging time of the pandemic, Rockler and its partners have stepped up to support woodworking across the board.

Benchtop T-Track Planing Clamp

Rockler t-track with adjustable clamps

This reader wanted a simpler way to deal with vertical stock on his workbench. A T-Track offered a clever solution.

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Installing Undermount Drawer Slides

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