Rockler Navigates the Pandemic

Rockler Navigates the Pandemic

Many Woodworker’s Journal readers are aware that our magazine is owned by Rockler Woodworking and Hardware. Rockler is a family-owned business that has deep roots in the woodworking world, starting from a garage in North Minneapolis 66 years ago.

When the pandemic became a serious issue back in March, Rockler’s first concern was for its employees. Then the company started looking for ways to support its customers and then all woodworkers.

Rockler drilling guide jig
Rockler continues to deliver innovative new products, even during these challenging times.

One of the first actions was to step up its online educational content. Saturday morning demonstrations, once a province of their retail stores, became an online video effort (featuring many of your Woodworker’s Journal regulars). Tuesday Skill Builder videos were also expanded to teach woodworking.

In addition to that, Rockler continued to support a cadre of online influencers like Johnny Brooke and the Wood Talk podcast. As well, Rockler has taken the opportunity to expand its YouTube channel so that it is now a goto location for woodworkers of all stripes.


Festool benchtop chop saw

Rockler has also expanded Festool products into all of its retail locations. This big job was made much harder by the pandemic — shipping challenges and keeping the staff of both companies safe during the build-out.

Festool Domino XL tool

As the pandemic challenges continue into 2021, woodworkers will continue to go into their shops and do what we’ve always done. And you can be sure that Rockler and Woodworker’s Journal will be doing all we can to support your efforts — as we have done for the last 66 years.

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