Festive Fervor

Rob Johnstone photoI don’t know about your holiday preparations, but something happened to my house over the weekend that was, well, transformative. I am talking about Christmas decorations.

Sadly, circumstances have conspired to make big family gatherings for Thanksgiving last week and the upcoming Christmas holiday impractical for us. This was a big blow to my better half. Nothing makes her happier than being with her kids and grandchildren. Her response to the setback— Christmas decorations — have now engulfed our house.

My job was putting lights on the 40-foot-tall spruce tree in our front yard. What with strings of lights that did either did not work at all or would only light on half the string (and did I mention the tree is 40 feet tall?), I only needed five trips to the hardware store. (Get ‘er done!)

At the end of the day (um, weekend), our house looked beautiful and very festive. Now for some ibuprofen and getting back to my real job!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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