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I was in Oklahoma City last weekend at a grand opening event for a new Rockler store. While I was there hanging out with woodworkers and shooting the breeze about projects and tools (is there a better way to spend a Saturday?), I noticed several large boards of Osage orange lumber. In about 40 years of woodworking, I have used Osage orange exactly once: I made a bowl from it that I thought turned out exceedingly well. But looking at those boards in the store inspired me to get my hands on some of that lumber and build a project.

Which is where you come in. Have any of you in the Weekly faithful used Osage orange to make a project? If so, what do I need to know about it? (As always, if you have a picture, send it to us!) When I manage to complete this new adventure, I will share a photo or two and my impressions. Until then, keep on making sawdust!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Ship’s Wheel Clock

Turned sailing wheel
Ted Heuer of the American Association of Woodturners creates a fun wall decoration with many interconnecting parts that will test a few different woodturning techniques.

Labeling Setscrew and Allen Wrench Sizes

Using tape to denote Allen wrench size
Easily identify what Allen wrench you need for your tools with this simple reader’s tip.

Premium Project: Framed Lampshade

Rice paper lampshade
Of course there are plenty of attractive lampshades to choose from, but Nick Brady tries his hand at a custom option.

Premium Project: Spice Rack

Simple kitchen storage shelves
Templates create a stylish spice rack, which you can easily craft with basic tools in a small space.

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Joining project with beadlock insert

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