Issue 286

Issue 286

My Thinking is in the Tank

Rob-Portrait351October. For most woodworkers, it is the beginning of what I call the “thinking hard about making some holiday gifts” season. Which is why I am in such a funk. After 30 years of woodworking, it would seem likely that I would have this phase down pat. But this year, I am drawing a blank … so many people, so few ideas.

You would think that it would be helpful that we just published our November / December issue, in which we created several nice gift projects. But sadly, my family has long ago let me know that I can’t make a widget for work and give it to them as a gift – something about “not personal” or some such concept … whatever.

So I am turning to you – with over a quarter of a million of you out there, you have got to have some great ideas for holiday gifts. This is your opportunity to save my bacon. I’m ready!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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