Issue 287

Issue 287

The Gift of Gift Ideas

Rob-Portrait351As usual, when I ask a question, you all are more than happy to provide the answer. In this case, many answers. Last time out, I was at a loss for holiday project ideas. I am no longer in that land of limbo — as you will see if you click over to the Feedback section of the eZine, your creativity and generosity was in high gear. (Now the challenge I face is winnowing the suggestions down … a great problem to have.) My friend Bob pulled me aside at church and told me that everyone would like a turned bass lure. Seeing as Bob is the father of four daughters, I am wondering if he thought this all the way through.

But don’t drift off; I am not done asking you questions. From your responses, I can tell that many of you do indeed build gifts for the holidays. And speaking from personal experience, these gifts can be big hits, or serious bombs. So what I would like to hear is from woodworkers who worked hard on a project, only to have it receive a less than stellar review.

I promise I will share one of mine.

– Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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