Issue 430

Issue 430

A Cool Wood Free-for-all

Rob-Portrait351In the near future, there will be an event happening at my house that perhaps should be filmed for cable TV. The backstory is that I am going to put my house on the market any day now. I will need to move my shop and, at least for a while, put a bunch of stuff in storage. So, to limit the volume of stuff that I am going to store, I am going to give away most of the really cool wood (have you ever seen persimmon wood?) that I have accumulated over the years. A circle of friends and coworkers will be notified that at 10 AM on an upcoming Saturday morning, the doors of my shop will be opened, and the wood will be there to be claimed free of charge. Just grab and go. The caveat is it will be a non-governed event. I will not be an arbiter or judge — everyone will have to play nice and get along.

It is my hope that the inherent goodwill shared by woodworkers (Minnesotan woodworkers to boot) will ensure that evenhandedness will prevail. But if not, perhaps a cable reality show will be born! Time will tell.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal


P.S. As you know, in addition to wood, we cover tool news at Woodworker’s Journal. Check out our What’s In Store section in this eZine for a video from Chris Marshall on the Triton TWX7 Workcentre’s clamping module.

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