Char Miller-King: Woodworking Found Me

Char Miller-King: Woodworking Found Me

Woodworking is a hobby that sort of found me. I have always been a self-starter and an avid learner, so creating things with my hands has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.

When I graduated from college 20 years ago and got my first apartment, I couldn’t afford a bed. After several trips to the furniture store, I decided that I could make my own bed instead. How hard could that be? You see, my father made all sorts of projects from mirror glass, and my uncle is a carpenter. My mother, grandmother and aunts are also crafty, so I knew this was in my genes. With a borrowed drill and a battery-powered screwdriver, I built a platform bed. It took me three months, but I was successful in the end, and I slept on my bed for the next seven years.

Char Miller-King setting up a router table
Miller-King credits her maker skills to a long family tradition of woodworking and other crafts.

Several projects have happened since then! Seven years ago, I left my job in corporate America to become a full-time maker. I love building things that mean something to others. I also love helping others realize their potential with tools and sparking their creativity. I’m a mom of four kids, so I’ve introduced children as young as seven to power tools and have taught people as old as 80 how to use the table saw, miter saw and other woodworking tools. Even if my students make simple projects such as birdhouses, toolboxes or charcuterie boards, they then have a new life skill.

Char Miller-King assembling a cabinet carcass
Giving back to the maker community not only includes creating content for Instagram and her website,, but also teaching woodworking to children at a local maker space.

My main goal is to give back to the maker community. I do that by volunteering with the Girls Makers Club at my local maker space, and I serve on the board of directors at Decatur Makers in Atlanta. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with various television networks as a maker and create content for several magazines.

Char Miller-King cutting groove with a router
Char Miller-King built a Three-tiered Plant Stand for Woodworker’s Journal.

Becoming a social media influencer was serendipity. It has connected me with other makers and enabled me to share opportunities with a much larger online audience. Having a voice in this traditionally male-dominated craft of woodworking motivates me to empower other women. I really believe that whatever your passion is in life, pursue it with every fiber of your being.

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