Rob Johnstone

  • Rock On, Woodworkers!

    Rob’s not only a woodworker, he’s also been a musician. How many other musical talents — and instrument builders — are out there in the woodworking world?

  • Tell Your Top Tip

    Your woodworking tip — in the form of a video — could be a winner this award season.

  • Tiptop Birthday

    January 31st was my granddaughter’s third birthday. As you might expect, she was very excited about the whole thing, with…

  • Adapting to Change

    Rob’s recent birthday has him wondering what accommodations to aging fellow Boomers are making in their shops.

  • OK … It’s a Bit Nippy

    As Minnesota’s temperatures plummet (and his shop heat goes out), our publisher wonders what other woodworkers do about staying warm in the shop.

  • bowl-saver-lead

    Fixing the Broken Rim of a Turned Bowl

    I love to turn natural edge bowls, but it’s easy to catch a rim as it wings past the tool and chips out a chunk.

  • pfl lead

    Making a Perfect Fitting Box Lid

    One of the slickest ways to get the lid of a box to fit the box perfectly is to make them one and the same.

  • Go With the Flow

    For those of us making Christmas or other holiday presents, “it’s go time!” is the motto of the hour.

  • We’ve Got Your Back

    The sawdust is flying and projects are being completed in woodworking shops across the country (and for that matter, across the planet as well). The blend of joy and determination that is being expressed by gift makers is one that I share and look forward to every year.

  • What’s the Date?

    Well, it’s happened again — Thanksgiving is breathing down my neck and not one shop-made Christmas gift is ready. But fear not, I live for deadlines (even if that sounds a bit like an oxymoron), and I have a plan in my head for success.