Rob Johnstone

  • What Is Your Moment?

    Rob tries to pinpoint the most satisfactory moment of a woodworking project.

  • Beginning-Woodturning-Lead

    Beginning Woodturning

    What is the fastest and most economical way to get started woodturning? Our publisher gives you his opinion, and it just might surprise you!

  • The Floor is a Thing Too Far

    After installing flooring, Rob warns others against this project.

  • New Premium Content?

    Rob describes the new Premium Content area of for Woodworker’s Journal print subscribers.

  • Winter Wish List

    There is this rumor about woodworkers (I find it scurrilous) that for some of us getting new tools is more important than actually making something out of wood. Now, while I know that this is untrue for 99% of us, I also know that we do like new tools. Personally, because of my unique position, I suffer from an embarrassment of riches in the tool department. But I remember to when that was not so. Laying down the $900 I had saved up for my Delta contractor’s saw with the 50-inch fence extension. (It emptied my savings account.) Walking through 7 Corner’s Ace Hardware and buying my first Bosch jig saw — which served as my “band saw” for the next several years.

  • From Firewood to Treenware

    Some of Rob’s firewood takes a detour on the way into the fire, and winds up in the workshop.

  • January Slump

    After a frenzy of holiday gift-building, Rob’s shop time enters a January slump.

  • Family and Fun

    Rob shares what holiday projects he built for his family this year.

  • Using-Pocket-Hole-Jig-Video-Lead

    How to Use a Pocket Hole Jig

    Learn how to make a basic face frame pocket hole joint.

  • Puzzle-Piece-Serving-Tray-Lead

    Puzzle Piece Serving Tray Project

    These fun party puzzle tray pieces are easy to make, easy to store, and they’ll be the talk of your next party.