Rob Johnstone

  • Perhaps Persimmon

    Rob plans to combine his hobbies by turning fishing lures from persimmon wood — a new wood for him to work with.

  • Spring Cleaning

    Are you naturally tidy in the shop? Send in pictures to prove it!

  • Tee It Up!

    At long last, there are Woodworker’s Journal T-shirts available to adorn your bodies.

  • 15 Years of an eZine

    It was 15 years ago that the first Woodworker’s Journal eZine was emailed. We look to the past — and the future.

  • Rare Find

    The building I work in gets a good deal of stuff delivered to it on pallets. These pallets come from around the world, but mostly I ignore them. Now I know that many people knock pallets apart and reuse the wood to make all sorts of things. Personally, I find that a bit too much work for what you get out of the deal. Plus, I put enough nicks and gouges in my jointer and planer blades with out the potential of nail ridden pallet wood crossing their cutters. I guess you can say that I have a bad attitude towards them.

  • steel-city

    Steel City Tools Closes Up Shop

    According to industry insiders, power tool manufacturer Steel City Tool Works has closed its doors and sold its remaining inventory to a Canadian firm.

  • SphinctoShut

    Electro-Sure Sphincto Shut

    If your shop has no place to “go,” this product is the solution.

  • Is Nothing Sacred?

    A sordid tale of shocking photos.

  • Nice Day for a Scroll

    A new look for the eZine makes it more mobile-friendly to view on the screens of your devices.

  • Rock On, Woodworkers!

    Rob’s not only a woodworker, he’s also been a musician. How many other musical talents — and instrument builders — are out there in the woodworking world?