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  • Good Finish for Bamboo?

    Expert argues that a little wax, oil or no finish at all are good options for naturally oily, self-lubricating bamboo. Yesteryear’s “slip stick” offers proof.

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  • May/June 2018 Issue Preview

    The May/June issue of Woodworker’s Journal has projects that will help you scratch that itch to get outside in the springtime: a quick-to-build Tabletop Fire Pit for your backyard gatherings and a Folding Bike Rack that has your wheels at the ready.

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  • SuperMax Tools Launches 16-32 Drum Sander

    Sporting a patented Quick Adjust Lever that raises and lowers the drum assembly without cranking, a built-in digital readout and newly designed turbo vented dust port to increase dust collection efficiency, SuperMax’s new 16-32 model will sand panels or slabs up to 32 in. wide in two passes.